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AARELL Designs Founded in 2019 by Roopa Lokanath, the full service AARELL Designs has pushed the boundaries of interior design trends, establishing itself as a fearless leader in the creation of truly one-of-a-kind spaces locally.


Dedicated to advancing Roopa's Work, Roopa believes in invoking the unique soul of every project. Each space is designed with intention and Roopa's distinct aesthetic that is eclectic, bold, visually exciting and timeless, has become the trademark stamp behind Aarell Designs.


I really believe that good design should be affordable and for everyone. We ALL deserve to live in a home where we feel we belong and so that's my aim to make your home LOOK and FEEL like your home, whatever that may look like to you!


We attach great importance to materials and lighting in each proposal, as they allow us to create warm and welcoming atmospheres. We seek the combination of noble materials with careful lighting, unique objects and new technologies adapted to any space.

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AARELL employs an energetic, passionate,
adaptable and fresh thinking approach to ensure that the
projects They manages are a success..


The permanent search for harmony between the elements
that make up a home is the ultimate goal of the interior
designers at our Aarell Designs


It can be very tempting to decorate your home based on what you think will be appealing to others.



Office Architecture

Desings to Learn & Earn

AARELL DESIGN team is well experienced to understand the company's structure, where purposed solutions are based on analyzing organizational structure, communication, work flow and client's needs, as well as the corporate identity. Existing space should be used as efficient as possible, by means of utilizing each zone and area into it's proper use. Where it clearly illustrate practicality, functionality which positively influence performance.These solutions are then visualized and transformed into tailor made office space.

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Residential Architecture

Real Comfort Visual & Physical

The spaces we inhabit energise and amplify, they evoke memories of where and who we have been, but also embrace and support who we desire to be. AARELL DESIGNS create effortless and dramatic spaces inspired by big dreams and bold characters. Spaces in which you can reimagine your life into something even more extraordinary.

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Hospitality Architecture

Crafted to Your Expectation

At AARELL DESIGNS we have a passion for hotel design. The guest experience should be one of luxury and opulence, and a comfortable, memorable stay will always encourage guests to return and recommend your establishment. We understand that hotels require an entrance with the ‘wow factor’ that represents the whole of the hotel, many people now open their lobby to the general public as well as guests so an inviting entrance to your property speaks volumes for the whole of the hotel.

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Landscaping Architecture

The Tressure Chest of living

AARELL DESIGNS can handle everything from tidying or renovating an unloved corner of a garden right through to full garden design and planning to create a stunning outdoor space, one customer once described their garden as "the biggest room in their house". Why?...because they could now use their garden as part of their living space, not just an outdoor area that needed to be kept tidy. This is what garden landscaping is all about, creating a living space which just happens to be outdoors.

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Commericial Architecture

Designed Without a Hitch

We make sure to design a magnificent retail space which will attract customers and strengthen your business due to its captivating and appealing interior. As a business, we realise your space still needs to continue and be running, therefore we will create a pleasant experience for you, with minimum disturbances and in a timely manner with our exceptional and professional services.

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RENOVATION Architecture

Anything Can Make New

Our focus and determination are both solely centred around you, the client. Your satisfaction is what makes us tick, and is the driving force that helps us to create and renovate the most stunning spaces. With your vision and our expertise, you can be sure that your home renovation will capture your heart.

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Our clients

Design Quality

"The designer is just amazing! Very good quality and taste. This template is incredible beautiful. The overall impression is more than good.The support cannot be better. I wish the team all success!"

linda miku

Marketing Manager

Design Quality

"First of all, I really enjoyed setting this up. What a great layout and design. The support is fast and high quality. They really made an effort to make sure I got the help I needed. keep in mind that it is not only a great design, but also it is easy to change it up with little effort. Great Job!"

makrand patne

Web Designer

Design Quality

"This theme is awesome and the designer is very helpful. I had a few questions before purchase. He/She helped me with all the doubts. Also, they provide quick support. Thank you so much for a beautiful theme"

MTL Graphic

Graphic Design

Design Quality

"Basically im using this theme as a base for my new website and i couldnt be happier. Ran into some bumps but the team who developed this theme was there to help me with any problems. Very slick nice ajax portfolio theme"

MTL Graphic

Graphic Design



All kinds of buildings in chematic or working design



AARELL provides a full range of 3D interior modeling



Development of iperfect design of the project



We provide 2D planning for great visualization


We believe that Good Design Tells a story, & We can't Wait to learn more about yours.Each project is unique, & We are confident that together we can bring your vision to life.
Our dream onboarding process helps our team understand your goals to get started on creating solutions that work for you.
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